Friday, August 12, 2005

mixtape connection vol. 2

so the mixtape connection nights are continuing on the last friday of every month. if you went to the last one, you'll know it went really well, and was like super fun for everyone. this one will be even better because ed muzik will also play a set of sweet 80s action - in a reasonably similar vein to what i'll be playing, actually:

out hud, the rapture, lcd soundsystem (plus other dfa tracks), !!!, mu, the human league, the soft pink truth, death from above 1979, the cure, blondie, talking heads, joy division, devo, new order, felix da housecat, gang of four, the go! team, vitalic, arthur russell, ellen alien, junior boys, maximo park, tom vek, etc.

other genres over the night will include: indie pop & rock, electro, riot grrrrl, 80s pop, post-punk, dance-punk, pop. the overall idea though, is that anything is allowed, as long as it's good. it's on friday night, august the 26th, and it's free! you should probably come...


Anonymous said...

It sounds awesome and its free too!!! i wish i could come, alas im far away in wellington.


Anonymous said...

YO Ricardo! Gringo here... aka Ryan, from the US. Random, I know. Looks like you've been diggin into some good stuff... nice to see you found that new Pelican, I fuckin LOVE that shit. Metal is so much better without the grunting meatheads. I digress. Hope all is well down under... keep it real yo.

Be easy_


richard said...

hey lorene and ryan. cheers for the positive comments.

all is well downunder, ryan. i got a message on the studiobox when i was doing a show at rdu from you directed at pip - i forgot to tell her about it :o this has reminded me though, i'll pass it on to her. glad to hear yr liking the pelican. it's very cool.

are you well over in the usa?

gareth said...

hey kids. W00t! New mixtape connection. I will be there will bells on, shakin' my ass and making jingly noises ('cause of the bells).

I have heard things about this Pelican that you speak of. You must play me some sometime, richie.

Anonymous said...

Pelican is bomb. Their new single is on constant repeat in my head. Check it out... it's called March To The Sea.

Any other good shows been 'round the south island these days? I remember things seemed very barren at times... did batrider ever come around?

Good hearing from ya Gareth.

Keep on truckin' guys.

Peace grease.


richard said...

hey ryan. not sure if batrider played in the end. they're pretty good - i think die! die! die! are playing quite a few shows.

have you seen many good acts over in the states?

Anonymous said...

not much so far. I caught the circle jerks when I first got here. They are pretty solid grimey punk, that stays away from that oi! type feces.

Minus the bear is coming in Oct, I'm definitely gonna check that one out. I dig their first stuff... haven't heard the new album. Maybe keep a looks out for that one. Also, the warlocks are playing "the city" aka San Francisco. They have a real thick, Black Sabbath, pysch thing going on that's nice as well.

Not much else tho. Completely bummed about the hot snakes calling it quits just as i hit the westcoast. Their new album is embedded in my head. I can't think of a better, last half of an album. So so nasty.

Anyways, keep on keepin' on. Keep on puttin up stuff from the Southern Hemi' (or the UK)! Exposure here is pretty limited.

Peace yo.