Sunday, August 28, 2005

everything beautiful is far away

i've found quite a few free downloads of note in the last few days, mostly from the blogs/websites of the artists themselves.

the most notable is grandaddy, whose fourthcoming ep can be previewed in part at their myspace page. here's a download i found at stereogum:

pull the curtains

i was looking at the clap your hands say yeah! website and came across three mp3s from their debut, self-titled and self-released album:

in this home on ice

upon this tidal wave of young blood

over and over again (lost & found)

over at music (for robots) is a download from the most serene republic's latest album, underwater cinematographer, which has been on high rotate on guitar media.

content always was my favourite colour

i've just got the new fiery furnaces album, and man is it weird. it's called rehearsing my choir and it's a collaboration with their grandmother (or something). it's quite insane, there's a lot of narration over top of more experimental (than their previous stuff) instrumentation. it's very difficult, even after blueberry boat, but i think i might just like it. a lot:

seven silver curses

but i think the most interesting thing i've come across recently is ninja high school. they'r on the go! team's record label, memphis industry, and play a similar style of sampled-infused dance/hip-hop. these two songs are from the fourthcoming young adults against suicide:

by purpose not by plan (sex nerds mix)

shake it off

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Greg said...

Ninja High School's on Blocks in Canada and Tomlab worldwide. Not the go team's label!