Sunday, August 07, 2005

vintage cuts 7/8/05 [playlist]

1. devo - gut feeling [life aquatic with steve zissou soundtrack]
2. the smiths - how soon is now [meat is murder]
3. the jesus and mary chain - darklands [darklands]
4. the pixies - river euphrates [surfer rosa]
5. dinosaur jr. - freak scene [bug]
6. pavement - loretta's scars [slanted and enchanted]
7. rem - laughing [murmur]
8. brian eno - burning airlines give me you so much more [taking tiger mountain (by strategy)]
9. sonic youth - teenage riot [daydream nation]
10. x - the once over twice [wild gift]
11. the jam - in the city [snap!]
12. gang of four - at home he's a tourist [entertainment!]
13. sleater-kinney - dig me out [dig me out]
14. olivia tremor control - marking time [dusk at cubist castle]
15. the field mice - emma's house [where'd you learn to kiss that way]
16. roxy music - more than this [avalon]
17. the human league - darkness [dare!]
18. devo - mongoloid [q: are we not men? a: we are devo!]
19. joy division - disorder [unknown pleasures]
20. the fall - slang king [the wonderful and frightening world of the fall]
21. lou reed - vicious [transformer]
22. television - prove it [marquee moon]
23. patti smith - kimberly [horses]
24. the velvet underground - european son [the velvet underground and nico]
25. can - i'm so green [ege bamyasi]
26. sebadoh - magnet's coil [bakesale]


Emms said...

Hey, I've noticed you young fellows play a lot of Olivia Tremor Control but never any Neutral Milk Hotel. I realise they're not the same thing, but still, it seems an odd thing to do. Is there a reason?

me said...

That was enjoyable- but I just have a question, what ever happened to that guy George who used to sometimes do vintage cuts and also context free?
He always played really interesting stuff. Not you didn't becaues you did, i'm just wondering if hes going to reappear?

richard said...

yeah, i'm not sure why neutral milk hotel don't come up that often. i think i used to play them lots and am aware of that, so i played them less often. they're great, though. i'll have to play some on the show this week.

i'm not too sure what happened to george. he hasn't done a show for ages i don't think. he played a lot of cool stuff. lots of roxy music which is good in my books.

Anonymous said...

George was the one who introduced me to Scott Walker- often if i listened to one of his shows i'd have to go out and buy stuff i'd heard.
I'd love to go through his music collection.