Saturday, August 27, 2005

mixtape connection vol. 2 - 26/8/05 [photos]

another strong turnout for the second mixtape connection gig meant super fun for all. thanks to everyone who came along and danced and had a nice time. thanks darlene and amanda for being the lovely door staff, and to everyone who helped out with promotion and everything.

i'm feeling pretty average on this saturday evening, though. listening to brian eno - taking tiger mountain (by strategy) and it seems to suit things perfectly.

so the gigs are monthly now, on the last friday of every month. if anyone has any feedback or comments, just post them down the bottom of the photos. i've just selected a few of the better snaps, i think mr hitchcock was taking some on his camera too, so there may be some more uploaded later.

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gareth said...

Check out those good-looking chaps in the fourth picture down. Wow!

Mixtape Connection = super fun happy time