Thursday, August 25, 2005

the best thing about instrumental musick is that it says so much

just a note to check out

as blog that looks like it might be very intermittent but entertaining - if you're a radiohead geek. yes the head are back in the studio testing the waters it seems and blogging the experience. now without a label it will be interesting for the industry and fans alik to see what they do next and how they release the fruits of their labour - who needs a label these days??

also tim rogers and the temperance union are releasing a double album next month - check for more info.

i may come back later and explain why the new sigur ros album is slowly emerging crystalline beauty like an icecube slowly melting or why i'm starting to love IDM all over again...

have a nice day. back to work and pelican (and then bitche's brew).

vote for dodgers 2005
- I promise to icrease sentences for house djs and make drum n bass punishable by death -

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