Tuesday, August 23, 2005

tom vek - we have sound [album review]

[Go Beat]

Tom Vek leans towards the most danceable end of the New Wave revivalist spectrum. On We Have Sound, the basslines go low and electronics go to the foreground – elements which in the end play a large part in creating an inventive electro-rock sound. Oh, and there’s cowbells and slap bass aplenty, as well as a few nice handclaps – all the elements that make any new-New Wave revivalist succeed in a genre that seems open to anyone these days. Comparisons are best directed towards The Rapture or Maximo Park, but there are a huge range of different elements at work in We Have Sound. Tracks like “I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes” dwell in basically dance music terrain. For all the slick, subterranean dance beats there is still a comfortable indie slackness in instrumentation. It’s nice to hear some diversity on an album of this genre – it’s definitely not one dimensional, even if influences are never too far in the distance.

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