Saturday, July 16, 2005

you look like david bowie, but you've nothing new to show me

i think it's safe to say that mixtape connection last night was a success. thanks to everyone who came and supported the night (there were lots of you!). it looks like it's going to become a regular thing down at capitol bar, possibly fortnightly but more probably monthly (which is what i'm most keen on). if anyone has any ideas or feedback about friday's gig then feel free to post some in the comments section.

unfortunatly i forgot to bring my camera along to the gig. which is a shame, really - it was such a good turnout and such a fun night that there would have been plenty of good photo opportunities. i'll definitley be taking photos at the phoenix foundation tonight though. i'll upload them sunday lunchtime. and then there's die! die! die! on sunday with house of dolls - more photos of that, too.

don't forget: blood brothers interview will be aired on tuesday night (19/7/05). also, we'll have special guest, mark(!) in the studio playing some of his interesting 7" collection.

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