Sunday, July 10, 2005

we're asleep when we should be dancing

just a friendly reminder that this friday (15/7/05) is the night of mixtape connection, a night of indie tunes at capitol bar. i'll be djing there, alongside benet aka mr. hitchcock (host of the mixtape sessions) and gretchen aka missy g (girlschool host). it starts at 10pm and it's free. if yr an rdunited member you even get a free mix cd! wow. you should probably come. especially if you like bands like...

Out Hud, The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem (plus other DFA artists), !!!, Mu, The Human League, The Soft Pink Truth, Death from Above 1979, The Cure, Blondie, Talking Heads, Joy Division, Devo, New Order, Felix da Housecat, The Go! Team, Vitalic, Interpol, Kraftwerk, Chicks on Speed, Pet Shop Boys, The Cars, Arthur Russell, Ellen Allien, Junior Boys, The Smiths, Luke Vibert and so fourth.

i mean, really - where else are you gonna here music like this in christchurch? ah - well actually, there is "after work" on friday nights at mainstreet. wammo puts on a fine display of indie goodness, so definitley check that out. it's on every friday from 5pm-9pm.

(also, check this site for photos from the gig on saturday, and furthermore, for photos of the phoenix foundation gig on saturday at the jetset. i just got a digital camera, you see.)


gareth said...

w00t! im l00king frwrd 2 teh gigzorz!!!!!111 rofl!

Teen Heat is so indie it hurts! spin your records say yeah!

drinking myself sick said...

yes... loving the text-y writing there mate it took me about half a minute to decode