Tuesday, July 12, 2005

the show must go on andonandon

1. bowie. be my wife. (low)
2. clash.london calling.
3. cure. lullaby. (disintegration)
4. devo. jocko homo. (q: are we not men? a: we are devo)
5. violent femmes. add it up. (s/t)
6. tears for fears. head over heels. (donnie darko)
7. ryan. anybody wanna take me home. (rocknroll)
8. gang of four. damaged goods. (entertainment)
9. magazine. shot by both sides. (real life)1978
10. stone roses. i wanna be adored. (s/t)
11. pixies. i bleed. (doolittle)
12. jesus and mary chain. cracking up. (munki)
13. velvet underground. sunday morning. (s/t)
14. robert johnson.me and the devil blues. (king of the delta blues singers)
15. cream. crossroads. (wheels of fire) 1968
16. mazzy star. fade into you. (so tonight that I might see)
17. syd barrett.octopus. (wouldn't you miss me? best of)
18. TOKEN NEW SONG OF THE WEEK AND CLEVER TITLE FOLLOW ON. televisioon personalities.i know where syd barrett lives. (and don't the kids just love it)
19. dylan. subterranean homesick blues. (brining it all back home)
20. xtc. sense working overtime.
21. rolling stones. live with me.(let it bleed)
22. smiths. heaven knows i'mmiserable now.
23. neil young.cinnamon girl.
24. iggy and stooges. search and destroy. raw power.
25.echo and bunnymen.killingmoon.

thank you and goodnight
timmy dodgers
richard mf in spirit

1 comment:

Shea said...

Hey, cool show Tim. However a wee correction if I may -- The Television Personalities song was from their 1980 album -- thus not a token new song ... Even you have to make mistakes sometimes ... ;)