Sunday, July 03, 2005

sighting the sound

here's some good news for fans of the bats. it's just a cut & paste from an email:


The Bats are pleased to announce signing to Magic Marker in the USA, Little Teddy in Germany and Egg Records in Scotland for a September release of their new album, "The Bats at the National Grid".

"With more and more people using iPods and the like, digital sales for music through internet distributers like iTunes has gone through the roof in the USA and Europe. Magic Marker and Little Teddy will concentrate on this medium for "The Bats at the National Grid" as well as manufacture and distribute both in CD and vinyl format in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a great way to get your music around the planet and it's also favourable in giving a good return to us as recording artists". Paul Kean from The Bats.

Meanwhile, at home in New Zealand,
- "The Bats at the National Grid" will be independantly distributed via select record stores and on line through Smoke CD's while back catalogue will be distributed by Flying Nun.

- "1000's of Tiny Luminous Spheres", The Bats compilation of greatest almost hits from their previous releases is onto it's 3rd repressing through Flying Nun.

- Dale Cotton from Auidioworkshop in Auckland has applied his mastering magic to the final mixes that were recorded at John Kelcher's National Grid studio in Christchurch.

- Overdubbing and mixing was completed at the home studio of Paul Kean and Kaye Woodward (the same place where the 1982 Flying Nun recording sessions of The Chills, Stones, Mainly Spaniards and Tall Dwarfs took place).

- A pre-release version of Horizon from the album distributed to Bnet stations reached number one on RDU and 2 on BFM.

as a lead up to the release ....
The Bats play songs from the new album at
* Radiant Records Friday 29th July
* Harbour Light in Lyttelton Sat 30th July
* Donna Dimente Oamaru studio gig Fri 5th August
* Sammy's Dunedin 6th August.
(North Island dates TBC)

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