Thursday, July 28, 2005

you are a runner and i am my father's son

just got an email from someone disapointed to miss the mixtape connection gig that made its succesful debut a couple of weeks back. i was able to give her some good news in that it's going to be happening on the last friday of every month from now on. if anyone wants to use the comments feature to post requests of bands/genres that they would like to hear at the next gig, then go for it.

interpol are playing next week. i'll try get some photos from people who are lucky enough to go up to auckland/wellington and see them.

just read that howe geleb (the man behind giant sand, op, and the band of blacky rancette) is coming to new zealand in september. don't know much else other than he is playing three dates, so i presume that will be auckland/wellington/christchurch, but who knows. we should be so lucky...

next week i'll post quite a few articles. the blood brothers interview from last week will be in canta as well this coming wednesday. also, reviews of the coral - the invisible invasion and also sufjan stevens - illinois

oh yeah - i'm filling in for bill on human pleasure at hourly rates on monday night (1/8/05), 7-9pm on rdu. it's another indie show that focuses on the newer/unreleased side of things.

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