Friday, July 08, 2005

pink tarantulas

as previously posted on guitar media, the blood brothers are coming to new zealand. but not christchurch - oh no. no, they play auckland and wellington, of course. just as interpol and micah p. hinson are also doing in the near future. so yeah. pretty much a total bummer.

now, the main news is, i'm going to be interviewing the blood brothers, and playing this interview on guitar media this week (12/7/05). also, watch out for some sort of article about them on this blog, and also in a real life publication of some sort. ooh!

pip (rdu drive show host): "they sound like they want me to feel sick"

i think they sound fucking badass. i really like them. maybe liking "difficult" music (or music that is nausea inducing) is something i do on purpose, just because the possibility of lots of other people liking the said band is slimmer than yr more easy going indie pop band.

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