Monday, July 04, 2005

this week on guitar media...

just a short note to let you know about some of the new stuff i'll be playing on this tuesdays show (5/7/05). not sure what tim has up his sleeve(s), but in my time away i've found some very new and very unreleased tracks, which, coincedentally, are also very good.

new/unreleased stuff from:
- broken social scene (from fourthcoming windsurfing nation)
- new pornographers (from fourthcoming twin cinema)
- islands (unreleased, new material from members of the unicorns (yeah!!!))
- wilderness (hot new indie rock from their self-titled jagjaguar lp)
- clap your hands say yeah! (so hot right now omg)
- vetiver (from brand new ep, reaaaly nice freak-folk)
- blonde redhead (from new ep secret society of butterflies)
- the arcade fire (new track from six feet under s/t)
- dressy bessy (super new girl-indie rock from lp electrified)

other not so new, but still good stuff from:
- kinski
- sparrow
- elf power
- olivia tremor control
- the diskettes

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timmy dodgers said...

i'll be playing some more of the engineers... mmm... it's like air meets radiohead via pink floyd.

love your work mr richard

timmy dodgers