Wednesday, July 13, 2005

the protagonist suddenly realises what he must do in the middle of downtown traffic

uhh, yeah. so i'm a friggin idiot. i totally screwed up the dates for this blood brothers interview. it's actually this coming tuesday (the 19th) rather than the 12th as i (for some reason) thought. so that means it will air on this weeks show, the 19th. yay!

now, this weekend is pretty exciting. christchurch's drought of gigs of the past few months has suddenly ended. so there's mixtape connection on friday night, the phoenix foundation on saturday, and as well as this (on saturday), cool post-punky band nova echo (from auckland) play at the dux. and also, die! die! die! are playing another show at the dux (they support shihad on saturday, yippee...) on sunday for a small cover charge.

check this blog for photos from all of these gigs during the weekend and early next week.

and a short note of some bodacious indie tunes i've picked up in the last few days:
the concretes - lay our battle axe down (sweet swedish indie pop/twee)
mount eerie - no flashlight (omg hot hot, new microphones album! out in august)
the most serene republic - underwater cinematographer (new, beautiful band on arts & crafts, broken social scene's label)
wolf parade - apologies to the queen mary (ooerr)

p.s. thanks tim for a great show of classic cutz last night.

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