Tuesday, July 26, 2005

playlist - 26/7/05

1. devendra banhart - heard you say [crippled crow]
2. hank - jimmy falls off own mountain [how to prosper in the coming bad years]
3. dungen - panda [ta det lugnt]
4. archers of loaf - toast [icky mettal]
5. portastatic - i wanna know girls [brights ideas]
6. frank black - dark end of the street [honeycomb]
7. wilco - pot kettle black [yankee hotel foxtrot]
8. brian jonestown massacre - free and easy [thank god for mental illness]
9. devendra banhart - mama wolf [cripple crow]
10. the skygreen leopards - mother the sun makes me cry [life and love in sparrow's meadow]
11. silver jews - punks in the beerlight [tanglewood numbers]
12. the decemberists - here i dreamt i was an architect [castaways and cutouts]
13. the jim yoshii pile-up - silver sparkler [picks us apart]
14. quasi - the sort of god [the sort of god]
15. the thermals - a stare like yours [fuckin' a]
16. the a frames - flies [black forest]
17. the blood brothers - i know where the canaries and crows go [burn, piano island, burn!]
18. oneida - lavender [the wedding]
19. the cloud room - blackout! [the cloud room]
20. ryan adams - life is beautiful [cold roses]
21. clap your hands say yeah! - over and over again (lost and found) [clap your hands say yeah!]
22. possum dixon - in her disco [star maps]
23. the oranges band - ride the nuclear wave [the world and everything in it]
24. the white stripes - red rain [get behind me satan]
25. sleater-kinney - wilderness [the woods]
26. you am i - trainspotting [sound is ever]
27. wolf parade - it's a curse [apologies to the queen mary]
28. modest mouse - doin' the cockroach [the lonesome crowded west]

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