Thursday, December 29, 2005

just one more summer before i go

alright everyone, it's been fun, but it's time i went. this has been written here before in some ways but yeah - i'm off to sydney to live. however, i'll be back for a couple of days in march (the 23rd, i think) before a three week jaunt in italy. unsure of what i'm doing after that, but hopefully something exciting.

if there's anyone who wants to keep in touch with me via email (that i don't already have their email) then i'd love to receive yr emails: is the address. i've posted about a new site a few weeks ago, market fresh, but keep checking that out. i'll be getting involved with radio and music writing over in the big sydney as well and posting my adventures up there. there should be lots of gig reviews, album reviews, hopefully a few interviews (actually, there will be a deerhoof interview up there real soon). thanks tim and shea for being such a pleasure to do this fine radio show with. if i get to do any radio in australia then i'll let you all know of online listening links and all that. until next time...

k thx bye!

love richard xxoo

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shea said...

richard rocks the party, rocks the party.


bye richard!

hope sydney's going well - good luck! :D