Tuesday, December 20, 2005

it's just not going to stop - I'm the man that loves you... PLAYLIST 20/12

hey all, christmas time no rich, here's the americana/ wierd rockabilly/ psychobilly/ surf special.

start out with

1. joe henry - richard pryor addresses a tearful nation {scar]
see www.popmatters.com for a sensational essay on mr pryor. rip.

2. steve earle - ashes to ashes [jerusalem]
3. tex perkins - lucid [sweet nothing]
4. bruce springsteen - Long Time Comin' [Devils And Dust]
5. wilco - ashes of american flags [yankee hotel foxtrot]
6. gillian welch - barroom girls [revival]
7. jolie holland - old fashioned morphine [escondida]

9. cold harbour -loser leaves town [s/t ep - see www.coldharbourband.com]
10. the gin club - drug flowers - see www.lovepolice.com.au
11. the drones - baby2 [wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float past]
12. sparklehorse {feat pj harvey] - piano fire
13. mark lanegan and isobel campbell - ramblin' man [ballad of the broken seas]
14. lee heazlewood - cold hard times [cowboy in sweden]
15. bernard fanning - songbird [tea and sympathy]
16. neko case - tightly [blacklisted]
17. goblin mix - the winter song [goblin mix and the exploding budgies]
18. johnny cash - i see a darkness [american 3] - bonnie prince billy cover
19. beck & emmylou harris - sin city [return of the grievous angel tribute to gram parsons]
20. songs ohio - i've been riding with the ghost [magnolia electric co]
21. neil young - far from home [prairie wind]
22. rolling stones - sweet virginia [exile on main street]
23. iron & wine - women king [women king ep]
24. country mike - country christmas [country mike's greatest hits]
25. tim rogers & tu - stray dog bruise [spit polish]
26. gourds - gin & juice [cover]

merry christmas y'all and remember


peace to all

timmy d and shea


shea said...


Can you hear screams, gasps, laughter, tears and squeals?

That's the mixed reactions of all the indie kids around the world reading Pitchfork Media's top 50 albums of the year -- It was just put up!

Here, go read it: www.pitchforkmedia.com

Personally, I think it's really weird. I don't think anyone could've predicted their top 10. Just ... weird.

richard said...

hmm, i think i might just be over all these lists. i like that i don't care too much what pitchfork seemed to think. they seem to have got it a bit wrong, though, i think, with the top ten. art brut is of particular suprise. but after all, lists are just opinions, so they are always going to clash with yr own feelings in at least one way.

good show, by the way - i actually caught then end of it at a friend's place. strange to hear yr own show and not being there. kind of like the time i got back from australia and lost track of the days, and forgot to turn up to the show and heard tim's voice in the car...hehe

coquelicot said...

richard we are going to miss you!
you should have a farewell party ....
~from long time lurker nichola and ***dj the cat***

richard said...

hmm...i should've had a farewell party. too unorganised and scared no one would come, though.

i was going to have a 90's themed farewell party...i wanted to go as zach from saved by the bell...or maybe the fresh prince of bell air...