Tuesday, January 03, 2006

technical hitches and other stories


no turntables, no ipods. things are going wrong wrong wrong.what can I do except be thankful I brought a cd or two... strap in and let's see what we find. remember, some things are played out of duress but that doesn't mean that we don't whole-heartedly love them...

1. bernard fanning - not finished just yet (tea & sympathy)

2. cold harbour - loser leaves town (s/t self release available from www.coldharbourband.com) - this ep isalmost reason enough to move to melbourne! sensational

3. afghan whigs - debonair (gentlemen) - possibly the greatest break-up album ever - the angry ting to #6's tender yang (or some othercrap metaphor - anyway greg dulli's voice is pure hurtred and vindictive anger)

4. robert johnson- preachin' blues (up jumped the devil)
them crossroad's got some good mojo if you've got a soul to forego

5. neutral milk hotel - in the aeroplaneover the sea (in the aeroplane over the sea)
recently re-released classic - 10.0 says the prickforkmedia crew

6. sebadoh - not a friend (bakesale) - see #3. an album to live and love and leave by.

7. idaho - fuel (this way out) - the indie band par excellence. worth tracking down and keeping to yourself.

8. stephen malkmus - freeze the saints (face the truth) - who?

9. urge overkill - somebody else's body (exit the dragon)- a real old time fave for me, highly underrated- where are these guys now that retro rawk is the bee's ankles?

10. queens of the stone age - feel good hit of the summer - dedicatedto all of your new year's eves.

11. beulah - if can land a man on the moon, surely I can win your heart (when your heartstrings break) - thelongest song title in the world goers to.... tonight's most brilliant neo-psychedelic indie song

12. elliott smith - independence day (xo) - the aching harmonies like poisoned sugar... mr smith once proclaimed his desire to be both john lennon andpaul mccartney at the same time, and withxo he brought pet sounds era brian wilsonto the mix. shame he went out like kurt cobain then...

13. m. ward - outta my head (the transfiguration of vincent) - a tremendously gifted artist who makes beautiful music for quietly adventurous souls

14. the decemberists - as i rise (her majesty the decemberists) - sophisticated sounds from a better era

15. bob dylan - it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry (highway 61 revisited) - nearly as long as beulah, probably not as good,i mean come on, what the hell is this guy talking about - who does he think he is anyway, the voice of a generation or something? (ha ha)

16. devendra banhart - now that i know (cripple crow) - notice the place ment of this track, not that i'm positioning him as a worthy sucessor to anyone mind you. nor would i be so bold as to compare this album to #15 either.

17. tom mcrae - ghost of a shark (just like blood) - the darker twin of david gray which makes him sound crappier than he really is from an album that bmg NZ imported because uncut magazine aamongst others loved it... dark british melancholy

18. a.c. newman - on the table (slow wonder) mr new pornographer on a solo mission to beautific classic sounding melodic indie heaven

19. brendan benson - what (not featuring lil'jon and the eastside boys - whhhaaaaatttt!) - mr jack white's friend is another man who's learnt from the classics and puts his chops to good use on this album... LAPALCO. go track it down. word.

20. the sleepy jackson - miniskirt (s/t) twisted australian visionary or just plain old boring wannabe eccentric (thinking mr babyshambles here)... i dunno but when everythings royally fucked then I play some strange things to be sure...

21. cure, the - lullaby (disintegration)- you can't beat a classic like this unless you have a very big stick. i'm talking kauri here, not pinus radiata.

22. adam green - jessica (an odeto the supremely talented jessica simpson,adam green takes us deep inside her head to discover thatonly candyfloos and soft porn linger between her lobes, alas,the shame. ps.adam green is from the mouldy peaches, which is how you could desribe jessica after the terrible stint in the dukes of hazzard... hmmm... it was general lee shite).

23. ryan adams - come pick me up (heartbreaker) - a song for nick to play every time he thinks of jessica, jessica simpson. ahhh... a night of break up songs.

24. wilco - war on war (yankee doodledandy) -public service message from richard gere's film adaptation of the tibetan book of living and dying... you've got to learn, you've got to learn how to die. thanks jeff, you're a real good friend. no wonder everyone leaves your band mr happy pants.

25. flaming lips - do you realize (yoshimi gets batteries for pink robots)

THE BIG FINALE! NOTICE THE EXISTENTIAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE WILCO/ FLAMING LIPS PAIRING. It is a message... from the speakers to your subconscious, telling you that warner music is evil. but good saves the day.

thank you and goodnight.

shea and timothy dodgers, 13th

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