Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It Started And Then It Just Kept Going ..... Top Ten Songs of 2005

as a follow up to our top ten albums of year, this show is all about our favourite songs. pretty ambitious, i guess - but rewarding. when you listen to (or saturate yrself) with as much music as we do (both in effort to find stuff for guitar media and our own, obsessive, selves) it's really something when one song out of the thousands actually sticks out won't quit til you've listened at least 50 times...

timothy dodgers' top ten solid gold hitz

10. sigur ros - glosoli [takk]
9. animal collective - grass [feels]
8. magnolia electric co.- the dark don't hide it [what comes after the blues]
7. sage francis and bonnie prince billy - sea lion [a healthy distrust]
6. oneida - did i die [the wedding]
5. ryan adams - 29 [29]
4. black mountain - don't run our hearts around [s/t]
3. the drones - shark fin blues [wait long by the river...]
2. tim rogers & the TU - i'd rather be krund [ghost songs/ dirty ron]
1. okervil river - for real [black sheep boy]

richard's countdown top of the pops megamix

10. why? - gemini (birthday song) [elephant eyelash]
9. tom vek - nothing but green lights [we have sound]
8. jens lekman - maple leaves [oh you're so silent jens]
7. the clientele - my own face inside the trees [strange geometry]
6. stars - ageless beauty (most serene republic remix) [ageless beauty single]
5. wolf parade - it's a curse [apologies to the queen mary]
4. the lucksmiths - sunlight in a jar [warmer corners]
3. serena-maneesh - un-deux [serena-maneesh]
2. architecture in helsinki - maybe you can owe me [in case we die]
1. the most serene public - relative's eyes [underwater cinematographer]

other favourite songs of the year that wouldn't fit in top tens/filling out the rest of the show:

21. the phoenix foundation - damn the river [pegasus]
22. the decemberists - the engine drive [picaresque]
23. sleater-kinney - modern girl [the woods]
24. clap your hands say yeah! - over and over again (lost and found) [clap your hands say yeah!]


shea the indie kid's top 10 songs of the year

10. stephen malkmus - freeze the saints [face the truth]
9. sambassadeur - new moon [sambassadeur]
8. wolf parade - grounds for divorce [apologies to the queen mary]
7. the boy least likely to - paper cuts [the best party ever]
6. bachelorette - love is a drug [the end of things ep]
5. suburban kids with biblical names - little boys in the ghetto [#3]
4. the new pornographers - bleeding heart show [twin cinema]
3. the decemberists - the engine driver [picaresque]
2. sufjan stevens - casimir pulaski day [illinois]
1. clap your hands say yeah! - in this home on ice [clap your hands say yeah!]

if you're cool, and you know you are (you're on this site after all), post your own top 10 songs of 2005 in the comments section. go on. do it. now. okthanksbye.


gareth said...

Aargh too difficult. Ok I'll give it a shot. In no partickylar order:

Sigur Ros - Glosoli
The Books - Be Good To Them Always
Bright Eyes - Landlocked Blues
Mint Chicks - Fuck the Golden Youth (2005?)
Sufjan Stevens - Casimir Pulaski Day
The Mountain Goats - This Year
White Stripes - Take Take Take
Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers
Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl

Yes, Gwen Stefani is serious and yes, there're only 9 songs there. i'm doing that annoying thing where you save room for one more in case I missed something. Ha!

shea said...

Hey, feel no shame!

Hollaback Girl is awesome!!

richard said...

hehe. what about 'drop it like it's hot'. or was that 2004?

you should check out robyn - 'be mine' for some pop goodness. it landed on many a blogger's #1 singles of the year.

adele said...

erm, top 14? they're not in any real order, but Wolf Parade's definitely number one.

1. Wolf Parade – I’ll Believe In Anything
Okkervil River – For Real
Bright Eyes – Landlocked Blues
Animal Collective – Grass
Telefauna – Put Your Hands Together for the Off-Beat
Hello Saferide – Get Sick Soon
The New Pornographers – Bleeding Heart Show
Sigur Ros – Hoppipola
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Let It Ride
Panda Bear – Comfy In Nautica
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – House Fire
Pluto – Broken Hearted
Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day
The National - Abel

gareth said...

Ya Rich, Drop it Like It's Hot was indeed 2004. You're as bad as the British music press!

Also, I definitely feel no shame for embracing pure pop sensibilities. I <3 Neptunes!

dj rich rad said...

I was in one hell of a rush so I just thought up five.

(in no particular order)

akron/family - raising the sparks
animal collective - grass
devendra banhart - hey mama wolf
feathers - come around
skygreen leopards - mother the sun makes me cry

richard said...

woah. richard! are you richard borret?

dj rich rad said...

nope! I am just plain old richard.

long time listener first time poster? or something.

richard said...

okay. yeah i was checking out yr site...and yr myspace - you know dylan taylor. well, sort of, anyway.

this is gonna be real confusing for people reading. two richards...wooo

dj rich rad said...

Yeah. Maybe I should change my display name? Or at least alter it a little.

I know dylan via internet/myspace. That's about it. I've seen him around town though.


gareth said...

Um, I just had a great idea for a sitcom:

Too Many Richards
Starring Richard Dean Anderson, Richard Gere and Denise Richards.

Somebody should totally pitch this.

richard said...

i got dibs on richard dean anderson (of course!).

this is the real richard, btw. richard m.

does anyone else find it difficult to get the right letters on the word verification bit? i do :(

dj rich rad said...

sorry to post yet another comment... however my last name also begins with an m.

so i'm also richard m.

I did change my display name though! all is well in the world!

richard said...

argh! well that solves the problem i guess. weird, though. too richard m's. primary school would've been tricky if we were in the same class!