Sunday, December 11, 2005

pack yr romantic mind

hey, you! listen to the friday drive show this week (16/12) at about 5pm because i'm interviewing the go! team. yay! this makes me want to use lots of exclamation marks (!!!) because i've loved the band for ages and look forwad to seeing them at the big day out. and it should be an interesting interview. we'll probably play it again on next week's guitar media, which will otherwise be an alt-country special, i think, if yr still planning on doing that, tim? i'll be away, you see. i'll post the go! team interview transcript up here, too.

this week (13/12) is the guitar media top ten songs of 2005 show. it's been interestingly easy to pick my favourites. one thing i have noticed is how emotive and sissy most of my picks are. i guess the more poignant songs leave the most impression after repeated listen, for me, at least. thanks to everyone who posted their top ten albums. keep them coming, and please do post yr top ten songs when the lists are up. anyway, this song here is definitley on my top ten songs, i'm not sure where though. and besides, that would be telling, wouldn't it? i got it from said the gramophone, which has recently had a list (all available to download) of one of the writers top twenty-two songs of the year.

jens lekman - maple leaves [ep version].mp3

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