Wednesday, December 21, 2005

christmas eve fun

okay folks. here's a hot tip: the wunderbar, this saturday (or christmas eve) is going to host two really talented solo artists/singer/songwriters from auckland. and i'm spinning some records, too.

dudley benson is a solo artist with some experimental leanings and an ear for sweet pop sensibilities. he's joined by lawrence arabia (james milne, ex-brunettes and current member of the reduction agents), who is supporting bonnie "prince" billy on some of his new zealand 2006 tour. they're both real good...and super indie (of course).

i'll be playing lots of beautiful music from artists like these:

stars, the new pornographers, devendra banhart, the clientele, joanna newsom, mazarin, saturday looks good to me, belle & sebastian, the field mice, casiotone for the painfully alone, animal collective, architecture in helsinki, kate bush, the cure, jens lekman, pavement, the robot ate me, the olivia tremor control, the presets, the radio dept. and so fourth. lots of hot new shit, some of which you may recognise from guitar media.

it'll be a kickin' night, and what better way to spend christmas eve than at the wunderbar?


Adele said...

so hott with the wolves right now, mr Wolfnotes

richard said...

wolves ate my baby D:

dj rich rad said...

i'd be all over this (I think) if it wasn't christmas eve.


Dylan said...

geez that flyer is hot, what kind of stunning INDIEvidual made that i wonder?

richard said...

haha. i dunno, but all the girlz are talking about his design hacking skillz...and yeah. totally indie.