Monday, December 05, 2005

everyone's a critic and most people are djs

thanks so much to everyone who came to mixtape connection on friday night. it was too fun a night, really - easily the best turnout so far. i'll have some photos of the night uploaded in a few days. oh yeah, and if anyone's wondering about the tracklist for the free mix cd that was being given away, here it is:

gary numan - cars, cut copy - saturdays, caberet voltaire - talking time, new order - the beach, the rapture - i need yr love, tom vek - nothing but green lights, joy division - transmission, devo - cold war, talking heads - making flippy floppy, rogers sisters - 45 prayers, gang of four - return the gift, franz ferdinand - i'm yr villain, the human league - don't you want me, datarock - fa fa fa, duran duran - girls on film, tom vek - i ain't saying my goodbyes

don't forget: this weeks show (6/12) is the top 10 albums of the year. next week (13/12) is the top 10 songs of the year. both tim and i will select our respective top 10s. i've been going through and working mine out today. it's pretty hard - there are so many good albums from 2005, not to mention those that don't have any guitars.

i'll have some more concrete news about a really great christmas eve gig that will be happening at the wunderbar in a few weeks. solo singer/songwriter dudley benson is performing solo, and james from auckland band the reduction agents will be playing a set too. i'll be djing in support, probably playing more mellow stuff - probably lots of freak folk and indie-pop. either way, it'll be a lovely christmas eve at the wunderbar. more news soon.

all this warm christchurh weather has made it great for sunny albums like the new belle & sebastian, the life pursuit. we previewed a bit on guitar media last week and i played some on the friday drive show. it's actually really good - much better than the disapointing dear catastrophe waitress. fluxblog has an mp3 up for download:

belle & sebastian - song for sunshine.mp3

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