Tuesday, October 11, 2005

and now, here's tom with the weather (playlist 11/10)

good evening laydeez and gentlemen, timmy d, shea, and richard mf are in the hiz-ouse.

let's kick out the jams.

1. Iggy & The Stooges, Raw Power (Raw Power on Vinyl)
2. Wire, Ex Lion Tamer (Pink Flag)

That's a dman fine start if I do say so myself. Iggy at the Big Day huh? Count me in...

3. Calexico, Wave (Alejandro Escovedo cover, Por Vida A.E. Tribute album)

One of the all time alt country legends, a true pioneer of texas punk/ rootsy americana, this album is a tribute by many of the biggest stars of the scene as Mr Escovedo has been struck down by hep c (methinks?!) so this is a bit of a fundraiser...

4. Palaxy Tracks, Clarion Way (Twelve Rooms)

Richard has a little knitting patch that was knitted. It's red, like a fire engine.
And now, because if I don;t play it who will (and it's nearly summer after all)...

5. Manu Chao, Bixo/ El Dorado 1997 (Proxima Estascion Esperanza)
6. Buttersprites, Fever (Buttersprites)

Strange couplet full of crunchy music goodness. Mmm, nougat.

7. OOIOO, Niko Niko Niko (Kila Kila Kila)
8. Numbers, The Fuck You Garage (We're Animals)
9. Coco Rosie, Brazilian Sun (Noah's Ark)
10. Messer Chups, Fntomasofobia (Crazy Price)

I've always said Guitar Media is more about an attitude than a sound. So yes, there wasn't many guitars amongst that lot, but hey, if you like what we normally play you may have liked those... or maybe not.

11. Tim Rogers & The Temperance Union, I'd Rather Be Krund (Dirty Ron/ Ghost Songs)

Check that T Rex rip and the femal back up singers at the end... Still gotta say that this album is sensational. You need to give it a go if you love classic rawk and the singer songwriter savoir-faire...

12. Broken Social Scene, 7?4 Shoreline (Broken Social Scene)
13. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead, Baudelaire (Source Tags and Codes)

This album is so much better than their latest... honestly.... this album kicks your ass.

i like your sleeves. they're real big.


14. The Radio Dept, Deliverance (This Past Week)

It's the mutha trucking pet shop boys. do not buy this album. Just remember in the time it takes to download this album you could get a life.

15. 63 Crayons, Rocketship (Good People)
16. Miniskirt, Be Here With Me (Woody Allen Likes Guitar Pop)
17. Teenage Fanclub, Did I Say (4766 Seconds Best Of)
18. Maritime, Tearing Up The Oxygen (We, The Vehicles)

get out your best chucks cause it's shoe gazing time! waves of guitars... mmm... instrumentals and spacey vocals... i'm in love

19. Slowdive, Sing (Catch The Breeze)
20. Saxon Shore, With A Red Suit You Will Become A Man (The Exquisite Death Of Saxon Shore)
21. Explosions In The Sky, Glittering Blackness (How Strange, Innocence)
22. The Bell Orchestre, The Upwards March (Recording A Tape The Colour Of The Light)
23. Pelican, Aurora Borealis (The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw)

The cream of the post rawk crop is in full effect. From Canadia to Jagjaguaria it's allgood. And no I don't have a clue what I'm saying but it's a good excuse to buy some headphones and disconnect from everything around you and become weightless... and then the song ends and we're still swimming in samsara.

wtf?! anyhoo, nice guitars methinks...

24. Drop Nineteens, Winona (Delaware)
25. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Don't Fail Me Now (Jacksonville City Nights)

Oooohh. Ryan versus Timmy Rogers.I want them both but who can win the best of the year?! Check this blog for Richard's (unofficial) top five albums of this year...

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