Sunday, October 09, 2005

lost, in the woods picking flowers

just a short post because i'm procrastinating (big essay due soon) and because i stumbled across a link to download a really beautiful frank black song. it's from his new album, honeycomb - the lead single, in fact. i like it lots, and if you click on the link below then you can download it. and then listen to it. and then maybe like it.

frank black - i burn today.mp3

downloading lots of interesting new stuff at the moment. this week i'll be posting two or three reviews, as well as my unofficial top five albums of the year (!!!). in that post you can post yr very own top fives, if you want. it's a bit early for top anythings though, really. but canta needed an article to go on their two-page spread of people's top fives, so i had to oblige. my list wil undoubtedly change a lot by the end of the year, when tim and i will obsess over our official top tens or whatever.


gareth said...

you mean one page spread, of course. haha!

richard said...

hehe. you totally needed a two-pager. especially after what i submitted to you...:D