Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the evolution will not be televised [playlist 3/10]

1. Rogers Sisters, 45 Prayers (Three Fingers)
2. Ryan Adams, The Hardest Part (Jacksonville City Nights)

I've been mystified by troooooooooo luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv... ah, ryan can testify! another great album followingon from cold roses and possibly one more to come this year.

and now for richard's favourite new song of the moment...

3. The Kingsbury Manx, 10008 (I still don't know the album name)
4. Goblin Mix, The Winter Song (Goblin Mix and the Exploding Budgies)

The latter,a Shea pick, and a Flying Nun classic which will no doubt sit well with our stationmanager Hat. richard's on the bloddy phone again. interactive radio-e-o.

5. tim rogers & the temperance union, my brother's room (dirty ron/ ghost stories)

this album really is that good but none of you will listen. i hate you all.

no, honestly, give it a go. ps. i love you all.

and now for the ads which you don't have to listen to which is a very very good thing.

6. Maritime, Tearing Up The Oxygen (We, The Vehicles)

7. The Byrds w/ Gram Parsons, The Christian Life (Sweetheart of the Rodeo Legacy Edition)

One of the foundational albums in any americana/ kountry kollection. Mmmm, Twangy!

8. Rogue Wave, Bird On A Wire (Descended Like Vultures)

A very very nice Sub Pop album.It's getting to the point where you can almost buy anything with Sub Pop on it and be safe in the knowledge that things are going to be a-ok... and a glockenspeil! Ohhhh, so subtle...

9. Neil Young, Alabama (Harvest)

Shea's been modelling knitwear. Mmm, breathable fabrics. That shine that only man made fabrics can give is a sure sign of quality. That's a tip for the indie kids. If yra little bit kountry then beards are where it's at man.

10. The Action, Strange Roads (Rolled Gold)

Think of the mainstream and shit.

11. Devendra Banhart, I Feel Just Like A Child (Cripple Crow)

Freak folk's very own poster boy releases single, makes video and next thing you know he'll have his own clothing label. Get on the wagon now before it becomes cool to hate him and you'll discover one of the most vital artists of the last however many years. Enough to excite the most cynical and jaded listeners....

12. Deerhoof, Wrong Time Capsule (The Runners Four)

click here to download a covers album with tracks contributed by fans and friends of the band.

13. Mission of Burma, Dead Pool (Vs.)

14. Serena-Maneesh, Selina's Melodie Fountain (Serena-Maneesh)
15. The new Strokes, no Interpol, No Franz Ferdinand.Or Joy Division's Interzone (Unknown Pleasures)

Perhaps thenext band once Rockstar INXS is over? JD wins by the way. Ha ha.

16. Tom Vek, A Little Word In Your Ear (We Have Sound)
17. Bright Eyes, Road To Joy (I'm Wide Awake It's Morning)
18. Bats, Bells (At The National Grid)

19. Yo La Tengo, Upside-Down (May I Sing With Me)

20. Pavement, Flux = Rad (Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain Disc 2 from latest reissue)

21. Go Go Go Airheart, Heart On AChain (Rats! Sing! Sing!)

22. Ryan Somebody. Something. Some album.

How cantankerous am I? Arguing about musick as usual. PS. Richard hates spiritualized but shea and I think "Ladies And Gentlemaen WeARe Floating In Space" is an absolute must have (especially for those of you who have had some difficult relationships!)

23. Malcolm (In The) Middleton, Loneliness Shines (Into The Winds)
24. Dungen, Panda (Ta Let De Like De Prog Psych Rawk)

so yer. you can;t imagine how strange it can be in the studio sometimes. maybe you can.have you ever thought you were in a david lycnh film? um, it's like that bitin the cafe in mullholland drive.

except we all wear white chucks and argue aboutthe merits of vinyl versus cd. it's like hi fidelity without the irony. which would make me jack black. cause i'm fat and grumpy. hey ladies.......

25. Flotation Toy Warning. Pop Star Researching Oblivion, (Bluffer's Guide To The Flight Deck)

26. Test-Icicles, Boa Vs. Python (Boa Vs. Python 7")

c u c u later.

love shea, richard mf.

timmy dodgers


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