Tuesday, October 18, 2005

my sun is setting over her magazine [playlist 18/10/05]

so i'm typing tonight. it's me. richard. the space bar is kinda sticky.

1. okkervil river - stoned [black sheep boy]
2. herman dune - [not on top]
3. pinback - fortress [summer in abbadon]
4. clap your hands say yeah! - upon this tidal wave of young blood [clap your handssay yeah!]

my favourite album of the year. but what about the best song of the year? i was listening to national radio today and they were getting people to name the best song of all time. actually it was maggie barry hosting the show, which lessened the integrity of the debate at hand. someone suggested something from the platters.screw that. what about the smiths? "there is a light that never goes out"? oh yeah.

5. architecture in helsinki - wishbone [in case we die]

it's cute. "twee-prog", as someone aptly put it. now for a golden oldie. from a terrific album - there aren't many albums that can be just as good when you put them on "shuffle" mode...

6. pavement - kennel district [wowee zowee]
7. uncle tupelo - factory belt [no depression]
8. blood on the wall - mary susan [awesomer]

fuck yeah - listen to this guy's voice. you can't argue with an album title like "awesomer".

tim actually likes this next song. "in a bland sea of salty mediocrity, the arcade fire is a clean refreshing burst to the pallet"

7. the arcade fire - neighborhood #3 (power out) [funeral]
8. broken social scene - major label debut (fast) [ep to be you and me]

i remember when funeral first came out, lots of people compared it to you forgot it in people by broken social scene. it's the energy and fervour that is most easily likened, but it falls pretty short otherwise. i guess they both use parenthesis...

9. the strokes - juicebox [forthcoming]

this is more of a public service announcement than anything. tim would rather people listen to this than, well, the killers at least. he likes franz ferdinand now. hehe.

10. art brut - modern art [bang bang rock & roll]
11. buttersprites - fever [buttersprites]

now for shea's pick of the night. they're from sweden and sound kind of like this guy called jens lekman. who i like, too. try his album when i said i wanted to be your dog.

12. suburban kids with biblical names - trees and sqirrels [3]
13. the clientele - the geometry of lawms [strange geometry]

this album is really great. so is their 2003 lp, the violet hour. lush, simon & garfunkle-eqsue indie-pop. good for summer nights at around 9:30pm.

14. immaculate machine - broken ship [ones and zeroes]
15. dirty three - ember [cinder]
16. xiu xiu larsen - paw paw paw paw paw paw paw paw [ciautistico]
17. joanna newsom - three little babes [the milk eyed mender]

apparently her concert with smog in auckland on sunday night was "perfect" (mirabel, 2005). i could only imagine. the milk eyed mender truly is one blissful record. it's funny how a voice so immediatly abrasive can be so rich and rewarding.

18. the radio dept. - this past week [this past week ep]
19. animal collective - winter's love [sung tongs]
20. john wilkes booze - cultural hurricane [telescopic eyes glance the future sick]

vice magazine hates those guys. and yr parents. and you.

21. daniel johnston - my life is starting over again [discovered/covered]
22. yo la tengo - upside-down [may i sing with me]
23. tim rogers - shit [dirty ron]

token tim rogers track. now, time for some surf guitars. i've been getting into these surfing/tarantino-esque stylings. another band like the next one is messer chups. they're great.

24. suspirios - make you wet [make you wet]
25. the ramones - teenage labotomy [rocket to russia]
26. cut copy - saturdays (reprise) [bright like neon love]

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