Tuesday, October 25, 2005

woody allen likes japanese noise rock [playlist 25/10/05]

wow, it's tuesday already. although it doesn't seem like it - long weekend and all. tim and i (richard) are happy. i like indie pop. tim likes sludge pop. so it's going to be an odd mix of things.

1. the lassie foundation - dive bomber [pacifico]
2. dirty three - doris [cinder]
3. kiss me deadly - dance 2 [misty medley]
4. the eels - the medication is wearing off [electro shock blues]

it's not too early for 90's nostaliga. the eels - questionable. but that song is cool. speaking of 90's nostalgia - check out the twee/indie pop article on pitchfork. very in depth account of the movement's history. i'll be digging up a lot of the stuff mentioned and playing it on the show.

5. fence - explanation song [the woolf]
6. the black keys - act nice and gentle [rubber factory

it's neo-blues. they've just released a live dvd, which looks quite cool.

7. suburban kids with biblical names - parakit [#3]

yay guys. thanks for posting on our blog, johan & peter. check out the suburban kids website. it's cool - even if it's mostly in swedish...

8. iron & wine - teeth in the grass [our endless numbered days]
9. winter vacation - the alps [the netherlands, 1980]
10. kings of leon - red morning light [youth & young manhood]

the big day out announcement sure has been good. looking forward to seeing the kings of leon guys in january. apparently the arcade fire are rumoured for the second announcement. they're into their in-jokes - anyone know who leon is?

11. mazarin - another one goes by [we're already there]
12. jolie holland - old fashioned morphine [escondida]
13. pony up! - minstrel [pony up! ep]

these girls say: "my brother's gonna beat you up. my sister's gonna beat you up. my mother's gonna beat you up". i believe them. they're from, like, new york. or something.

14. silver jews - punks in the beerlight [tanglewood numbers]
15. calvin johnson - rabbit blood [before the dream faded]

two weird guys, thats for sure. there are plenty of interviews with david berman from the silver jews on the net at the moment.

16. art brut - my little brother [bang bang rock & roll]
17. mommy & daddy - the streets have come alive [duel at dawn]

they have the husband/wide dynamic going on. plus they're from new york. did someone say "style over substance"?.

18. devendra banhart - chinese children [cripple crow]
19. harvey danger - incommunicado [little by little]
20. tim rogers & the temperance union - riding between my place and ours [dirty ron/ghost stories]

tim dodgers is going to see tim rogers in melbourne on december the first. check this blog for stories and photos and stuff. now something pretty much totally contrasting. that pitchfork's article about twee reminded me of these guys. thanks to some girl in some clothes shop who got me onto this band.

21. the softies - hello rain [it's love]
22. radiohead - where i end and you begin [hail to the thief]

check out this site for links to these crazy blogs that radiohead have supposedly been setting up. it's interesting, really, what they're doing. they post a lot of stuff from their fourthcoming album on their own blog. it's interesting to me in terms of radiohead as actual, real people - their music is so far from that. it distances themselves a lot from their public. obscure lyrics, spacey sonics, other-wordly atmospherics - they're from some other planet, i'm sure.

23. the gris gris - down with jesus [for the season]
24. black mountain - don't run our hearts around [black mountain]

the metal show guys outside the studio window have a cd cover with "prostitute disfigure" on it. we're not quite up to that standard, but these last two tracks are certainly towards the heavy end of the rock spectrum.

25. immaculate machine - phone no. [ones and zeros]


coquelicot said...

Re: Kings of Leon

My sources tell me they were originally called 'Kings of Zion', but they changed their name to Kings of Leon to include the brothers' father's Christian name
Isn't that sweet?

richard said...

aw - lovely. hehe. wow, thanks for that. i thought it must have been some sort of in-joke/self-reference. their music is full of them.