Monday, October 03, 2005

terrestrial tones

this thursday night (the 6th), canterbury university music students present with sound: a concert featuring new, original music by all of the department's composition students. it's upstairs in the school of music department in room 205. it's free entry and starts at 6pm. it will feature some quite interesting experimental stuff, as well as more conventional classical works.

afterwards you can go and see bachelorette with thomas:parkes at the dux, for the former's the end of things ep release gig. this is going to be terrific - i can't rave about bachelorette enough. thomas:parkes are good too. oh, new zealand music! i'm such a nationalist.

good night at the dux on saturday with the roundup band competition finals. all bands really out-did themselves. congratulations to the undercurrents, who were the winners on the night.

oh, some other good bands are playing at creation this friday. food not bombs is a benefit gig that costs $5 (which go to the charity) and features house of dolls, the new originals, a million lights and the pickups. starts at 9pm.

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