Friday, April 28, 2006

george bush doesn't care about indie kids

hey all
thought i'd share with you a cool band that i came across on one of my regular internet trawls. they're called the most valuable players, and they're a four-piece from sweden. they're not really that guitar-based so probably won't hear them on the show (although i have played them once before i think) but that doesn't mean they're not cool, eh?
so anyway, they've recently released their debut album on a small record label called friendly noise, and it's called you in honey. it's a pretty nice album, and the label has put up FOUR mp3s for everyone to test-out.

their bio lists their influences as being "Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Italo Calvino, Olivia Tremor Control, Robert Wyatt, New Order, Active Suspension", but i also think a lot the tracks are similar to some on architecture in helsinki's debut album, fingers crossed.

my favourite from the bunch would have to be this track
the most valuable players - stockholm doesn't belong to me
but they're all pretty cool:
the most valuable players - AC in HCMC
the most valuable players - guess my name
the most valuable players - snow in may

as an aside - jens lekman is a big fan!

also any of you that are (or are thinking of) going to the a low hum show/s tonight, note that it is not at creation anymore, and is now at the wunderbar in lyttleton.

also the next mixtape connection is happening very soon, friday may 5th in fact.
all the usual stuff is going down - drinks specials, free mix cd for first 50 rdunited members and a special guest dj - lady a from rdu drive! also it's free this time so no excuse for not getting down there!

will leave you with a couple of cool games, courtesy of british two-piece the boy least likely to.
they've put up some a few time-wasting games on their website.

furball pong (table-tennis)
monsters pacman (pacman, but featuring their own cartoon characters)

there's also pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey but it's pretty lame.

so i hope you've enjoyed this update.

tunein on tuesday!

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