Tuesday, April 11, 2006

fuck you heroes.

1. rolling stones. gimme shelter. let it bleed.
2. raconteurs. blue veins. broken boy soldiers.
3. pink mountaintops. plastic man, yr the devil. axis of evol.
4. sunset rubdown. stadiums and shrines II. shut up i am dreaming.
5. jenny lewis, handle with care. rabbit fur coat.
6. crayon fields. helicopter. 3" single.
7. two gallants. las cruces jail. whatthe toll tells.
8. augie march. just passing through. moo you bloody choir.
9. tv on the radio. dirty whirlwind. return to cookie mountain.
10. m.ward. vincent o'brien. transfiguration of vincent.
11. band of horses. the great salt lake. everything all the time.
12. situationists. lost my narrative. myspace demo....
13. buck 65. devil's eyes. secret house against the world.
14. sufjan stevens. the avalanche. avalanche (illinois extras)
15. richmond fontaine. montgomery park. post to wire.
16. the most valuable players. stockholm doesn't belong to me. you in honey.
17. tanakh. grey breathes. ardent fevers.
18. shearwater. sing little birdie. palo santo.
19. tapes'n'tapes. buckle. the loon.
20. cat!cat!cat!. cat!cat!cat!. s/t ep.
21. the meteors. radioactive kid. single minded compilation (surf/rocka-psycho-billy)
22. yo la tengo. autumn sweater. i can hear the heart beating as one.
23. jeff buckley. dream brother. grace. MOJO #1 REPRAZENT!!11!!
24. be your own pet. bicycle bicycle, you are my bicycle. s/t

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