Saturday, April 01, 2006

shut up i am dreaming of a place where lovers have wings

hey all.

it's saturday night and i find myself at home writing an essay. alas.

i hope you all enjoyed the 90s special on tuesday, i for one had a great time. rediscovering the genius of ash's "girl from mars" would have to be a highlight.
we're thinking there will have to be a part two sometime in the future, in the meantime you can make some suggestions for other specialty shows and send them to us if you like.

thought it's about time for an MP3 update so here goes!

rocketship are a fairly obscure indie pop band from the 90s, who released one mini album a certain smile, a certain sadness back in 1996 and haven't really been seen since. until now ...
the band have a brand cd(-r), here comes ... rocketship being released on the non-stop cooperative sehr soon.
the album is full of dreamy electronica, glitches and sugary pop. parts remind me of max tundra's mastered by guy at the exchange

rocketship - no more tomorrows
rocketship - our new track

hemstad are a swedish band who've been together for a few years, and have finally released an album - out now on catbird records.
these guys are really cool - a mix between the go! team and architecture in helsinki

hemstad - fyllekärring

danielson (aka danielson famile) is about to release a new record on sounds familyre/secretly canadian. the album's called ships and daniel has a number of well-known musicians/bands contributing on the album, including deerhoof, sufjan, why?, and serena-maneesh.
check out a brand new track from ships

danielson - did i step on your trumpet

here's a new mp3 from a band called ladyhawk, who recently signed to tim's favourite - jagjaguwarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrecords

ladyhawk - the dugout

finally shearwater. these guys are on misra records and feature members of okkervil river. their new album palo santo will be released later this year

shearwater - seventy-four, seventy-five
shearwater - palo santo (demo)

incase you haven't heard us raving about or you haven't seen the posters or you haven't heard the ads -- the mountain goats are playing this time next week! it's gonna be totally sweet, so go tell all yr cool indie friends and head down to ticketek/real groovy and get some tickets - they're only $30!!!!!!! (OMGZ!)

finally, although it isn't guitar related, the forthcoming album from gnarls barkley is going to be pretty big methinks. check out this hilarious promo pic that was up on their website:

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