Monday, April 17, 2006

do you believe in rapture?

hey all,

just a quick note to inform you of the upcoming a low hum tour
it's hitting chch on friday the 28th, there is an all ages show from 6-9 and r18 after 10. i've never been to one of these but they're apparently pretty good. i'm thinking i might go to the all ages one but am not sure i want to hang with the teen scene ... does anyone know what all ages gigs are like, anyway?

ok so the three bands playing are the reduction agents, the undercurrents and over the atlantic

click on the bandnames to head over to their myspace pages where you can listen to some choonz. they all sound pretty good, am particularly keen on the reduction agents track "the pool" which has been getting a bit of airplay on rdu.
got some cool stuff to play tomorrow night including THE NEW SONIC YOUTH!! (oooohh!)
you know you've gotta tune in now.

- shea

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Yeah, that show was pretty brilliant wasn't it? There's nothing I crave more in life than seeing nick Harte's wasted frame precariously supporting a 'plume' branded bass guitar. Against all expectations THIS was NOT the highlight of my night, THAT GLORIOUSLY EXPENSIVE MICROKORG ponderously sailing through the air before SMASHING into the ground like the synesthetic experience of loveless era MBV, beautifully fucking RAW.