Tuesday, April 04, 2006

everybody talks so fast and walks so slow... playlist 4 april

1. sebadoh, the freed pig (III)
2. cat! cat! cat!, crushed (by the cute boy) (s/t e.p. - aotearoa stylez)
3. band of horses, wicked gil (everything all the time)
4. sunset rubdown, snake's got a leg III (shutup i am dreaming)
5. ester drang, everyone is a victim (rocinate)
6. starlight mints, what's inside of me (drowaton)
7. josh rouse, la costa blanca (subtitulo)
8. augie march, mother greer (moo you bloody choir)

9. Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton (All Hail West Texas)
10. Lion's Teeth (Sunset Tree)
11. Fall of the Star High School Running Back (All Hail West Texas)
12. Love Love Love (Sunset Tree)
13. First Few Desparate Hours (Tallahasse)

14. essex green, sin city (cannibal sea)
15. loose fur, thou shalt wilt (born again in the usa)
16. island, don't call me whitney bobby (return to the sea)
17. the drones, another rousing chorus you idiots! (wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies float by)
18. whipping cats, dog faced boy (demo)
19. two gallants, 16th st. dozens (what the toll tells)
20. minus five, aw shit man (the gun album)
21. richmond fontaine, always on the ride (post to wire)
22. crooked fingers, twilight creeps (dignity & shame)
23. tim rogers & temperance union, paperboy (ghost songs)
24. tv on the radio, province (return to cookie mountain)
25. jesus lizard, monkey trick
26. black mountain, don't run our hearts around (black mountain)

Thanks y'all,

Timmy Dodgers & Shea I-J

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