Tuesday, February 28, 2006

another night without end, and how many cigarettes make yr teeth go yellow?

rescuing a show from the jaws of death since 2000...

tonight's bed music is from the idiot box soundtrack, featuring none other than my fave's you am i!

1. tigerarmy, swift silent deadly (III: ghost tigers rise, 2004)
2. rogers sisters, the light (the invisible deck, 2006)
3. clogs, 2:3:5 (lantern, 2006)
4. beirut, postcards from italy (gulag orkestar, 2006)
5. man man, english bwudd (six demon bag, 2006)
6. calexico, letter to bowie knife (the garden, 2006)
7. quiet poem - idiot box soundtrack
8. neko case, fox confessor brings the flood (fox confessor brings the flood, 2006)
10. morrissey, i will see you in far off places (ringleader of the tormentors, 2006)
11. fiery furnaces, police sweater blood vow (bitter tea, 2006)
12. the concretes, change in the weather (in colour, 2006)
13. jason collett, hangover days (idols of exile, 2006)
14. voxtrot, the start of something (raised by wolves ep, 2005)
15. parts & labor, a great divide (stay afraid, 2006)
16. they shoot horses don't they, empty head (boo hoo hoo boo, 2006)
17. liars, drum and the uncomfortable can (drum's not dead, 2006)
18. band of horses, the funeral (everything all the time, 2006)
19. flaming lips, free radicals (at war with the mystics, 2006)
20. the go(at)! team, the wrath of mikey (ladyflash single, 2006)
21. pub poem - idiot box ost
22. pink mountaintops- new drug queens (axis of evol, 2006)
23. the advantage, megaman 2 stage select + metalman (elf-titled, 2006)
24. ghost buffalo, hell here (mp3 blog!)
25. the ladies, and them (they mean us, 2006)
26. the black angels, black grease (black angels ep, 2005)
27. the essex green, don't know why (you stay) (cannibal sea, 2006)
28. you am i, wally raffles (hourly, daily, 1997)


timmy d
sheamus illaneous

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