Saturday, February 25, 2006

dodgers' rolling with the joint

hey all. i'm rolling with the joint today for full spectrum madness.

hip hop + beats
1. the streets, when you wasn't famous (pre-release)
2. munk + james murphy, kick out the chairs
3. aceyalone + rjd2, disconnected (magnificeint city)
4. dliated peoples, you can't hide you can't run (20/20)

5. fiery furnaces, police sweater blood vow (bitter tea)
6. loose fur, the ruling class (born again in the usa)
7. mark ronson (feat. alex greenwald), just (exit music: songs with radio heads)
8. flaming lips, it overtakes me... do i stand a chance (at war with the mystics)

9. m83, don;t save us from the flames
10. skeleton girls + git face boys, fit black man (idoltryouts 2)
11. his name is alive, seven minutes in heaven (detrola)
12. the knife, we share our mother's health
13. liars, let's not wrestle mr heart attack
14. nathan fake, charlie's house

uk soundz
15. low deep, get set (run the road vol. 2)
16. trimbal, they gave an inch (run the road vol. 2)
17. lady sovereign, a little bit of shh! (adrock remix)
18. tayo, wildlife dub

19. black angels, black grease
20. they shoot horses dont't they, lowlife (boo hoo hoo boo)
21. calexico, luckey dime (garden ruin)
22. gogol bordello,oh no (gypsy punks underdog world strike...)
23. swearing at motorists, northern line (last night becomes this morning)
24. the ark, rock city wankers (the ark)

yip blop
25. yeah yeah yeahs, gold lion (diplo remix)
26. jel, thrashin' (soft money)
27. eliot lipp, rap tight
28. holy fuck, casio bossa nova
29. my robot friend, swallow

diss trax/ hater playerz
30. mf grimm, bookof daniel (mf doom diss)
31. cam'ron, you gotta love it (jay-z diss)

2 x timmy dodgers' certified classics
32. the drones, baby2 (wait long by the river...)
33. tim rogers,paperboy (ghost songs)

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