Friday, February 03, 2006

They Might Be Psycho Killers But Tonight, I Really Don't Care


(Once again) I have stumbled across some more cool empeethrees that will rock your face off.

First up, some very fine from Southeast Engine. Check out their recently-released album Coming To Terms With Gravity. There are many Wilcoisms to be heard in these two tracks:

Southeast Engine - Forced To Believe
Southeast Engine - Holy Ghost

Released late last year on the Tigers Against Crime record label was The Weather Machine's Sound of Pseudoscience. They've been compared to Spoon, among others, and yeah, they're pretty alright.

The Weather Machines - Modern Text On Love
The Weather Machines - Last Stop

Finally, I heard about these next guys from after reading a very glowing review. They're called Portugal. The Man, and they're very interesting, and of course, a little avant garde. Look out for their album Waiter: "You Vultures!" on Fearless Recordings.

Portugal. The Man - Stables and Chairs
Portugal. The Man - Marching With 6

Make sure you get your indie ass down to Capitol Bar tonight for the 6th Mixtape Connection. It's free you idiotz.

And don't forget the live special this coming Tuesday night! Any requests are welcome ...

And Bonnie Prince is coming in 8 days!

Ummmmmm ... yeah that's all


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