Wednesday, March 15, 2006

i waited well into the 2300s (playlist 14/3/06)

apologies for the absence last week ... hopefully the pre-prepared show was enough to quench yr indie appetites. but anyway, back this week with a truck full of new stuff and dusty classikxz.

remember fluorescent green = MP3 DOWNLOAD!!!11!!

1. tv on the radio, playhouses (return to cookie mountain, 2006)
2. pavement, stereo (brighten the corners, 1997)
3. elf power, an old familiar scene (back to the web, 2006)
4. plastic constellations, iron city jungles (crusades, 2006)
5. yo la tengo, suspect device (stiff little fingers cover) (wfmu session)
6. rolling stones, doctor (beggar’s banquet, 1968)
7. peter & the wolf, the fall (s/t, 2005)
8. son volt, afterglow 61 (okemah & the melody of riot, 2005)
9. oh no! oh my!, walk in the park (s/t, 2006)
10. essex green, don’t know why (you stay) (cannibal sea, 2006)
11. granddaddy, elevate myself (just like the fambly cat, 2006)
12. destroyer, your blood (rubies, 2006)
13. tapes n tapes, buckle (the loon, 2005)
14. doves, seasong (lost souls, 2000)
15. shearwater, seventyfour, seventyfive (palo santo, 2006)
16. typhoon, death was the driver (s/t, 2005)
17. mike andrews, just a thought (hand on string, 2006)
18. calexico, deep down (garden ruin, 2006)
19. modern lovers, someone I care about (s/t, 1976)
20. shellac, my black ass (at action park, 1994)
21. q and not u, a line in the sand (no kill no beep beep, 2000)
22. the drones, freedom in the loot (wait long by the river… 2005)
23. bonnie prince billy, blokbuster (summer in the southeast, 2005)
24. david bowie, boys keep swinging (lodger, 1979)

aww man, dat shit is whakk

timmy d & shea i-j



dj rich rad said...



shea said...

Mhmmm they're cool as.

Is this richard mf or another richard?

dj rich rad said...


shea said...

Ohk, well, hi other richard.

you have good taste!