Tuesday, February 14, 2006

it's... it's alive! the realtime special 14/2

sorry we're late but hopefully it's worth the wait... the live special.
happy valentine's day you sexy beasts.

1. bonnie prince billy. death to everyone. summer in the southeast.
2. arcade fire. neighbourhood 2 (laika). the white session.

3. Steve Earle and Townes Van Zandt. Valentine's Day.
4. Neil Young. Cinnamon Girl. Live Rust.

5. elliott smith. needle in the hay. bootleg.
6. neutral milk hotel. ferris wheel on fire. live in san fran 1998 bootleg/

7. nirvana. smells like teen spit. live bootleg. (sorry)
8. joy division. shadowplay. les bains douches.

9. yo la tengo & jon spencer blues explosion. twentieth century boy (t-rex cover).
10. talking heads. drugs (electricity). the nem of this band is talking heads.

11. radiohead. nobody does it better (carly simon cover). bootleg.
12. morrissey. bigmouth strikes again. live at earl's court.

13. iggy pop. loose (live @ feile festival 23/8/93). a million in prizes.
14. jeff buckley. kick out the jams (mc5 cover). live at l'olympia.

15. belle & sebastian. seymour stein. live bbc 96-97.
16. bright eyes. when the president talks to god. motion sickness.

17. the advantage. megaman, wiley. live @ the ramp, berkley 2003.
18. white stripes. jolene. bootleg.

19. you am i. live with me (rolling stones cover). radio settee - live @ the wireless.
20. sebadoh. the worst ever live version of skull - here

21. nick cave. red right hand. live at royal albert hall.
22. suburban kids with biblical names. rent a wreck. lie @ emmabodenfestivalen 2004

23. sigur ros. glosoli. live bootleg from official site.
24. brian wilson. god only knows. pet sounds live.

thanks and goodnight.
shea and timmy dodgers.

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