Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ah rumi, your voice fills me with blissful confusion

1. arcade fire, rebellion [funeral]
ah, best of 2004 and 2005. this turn world causes some strange events. worthy nonetheless and surreal to see on Top Of The Pops the other day!?

2. the brian jonestown massacre, not if you were the last dandy on earth [broken flowers ost]
a diss of an old friend perhaps, from the fantastic Broken Flowers... and you really must see DIG about him and the Dandys...

3. the spinto band, late [nice and nicely done]
chiming, driving geetars, big drums, and droney vocals make this a perfect indie track. like he says, get back to house because the show is on... guitar media 9-11, tuesday nights

4. the dandy warhols, the new country [odditorium...]
he who laughs last etc. from the critically underrated album... you know, the one with the stoopid title, odditorium etc

5. pet politics, the ghost mary and her friends [in my head ep]
nice and lo-fi, a little mystery... download it here!

6. marah, the hustle [if you didn't laugh you'd cry]
a no depression album of the year, a rollickin' good alt country indie guitar rekurd.... nice vibe throughout, a bit of a retro feel, yes sir I do decree, this music's good fer yer sole

7. white stripes, red rain [get behind me satin]
no not really. but it would have been a cool title. or get behind me crushed velvet. big day outers witness this red bloos twosome or cry a rain of red tears.

8. koffin kats, vampire's curse [inhumane]
psychobilly... like the stray cats meets bela lugosi... quite nice and worth checking out at Koffin Kats

9. brian setzer, drink whiskey and shut up [nitro burning funny daddy]
the grandaddy of modern rockabilly and former stray cat frontman, setzer has been kicking out the jams for decades now. much respect and info at
Brian Setzer

10. belle & sebastian, seeing other people [if you're feeling sinister live at barbican]
their classic album in a full live setting, beautifully recorded. go on you big softy, you know you want it.

11. jenny lewis, handle with care (travelling wilburys' cover) [rabbit fur coat]
some cover versions really make sense. some, of course, don't.
Jenny Lewis

12. mates of state, fraud in the 80s [bring it back]
organ and drums, boy and girl, sounds like a perfect indie recipie. just add pocket protectors.

13. cat power, love and communication [the greatest]
new albums sounds the business and due soon.
Cat Power @ Matador

14. sufian stevens, romulus [michigan]
uber-kid of the moment, ambitious and talented beyond belief, expect him and conor oberst to start a blur/ oasis type "I'm the new Bob Dylan" feud on blogs everywhere soon. who's t-shirt is tightest? yer, that's right, mine baby.

15. bright eys, landlocked blues (live) [motion sickness]
sufian who? conor's already written a song about every state of america and a poem about every president and a short story about the declaration of independence. okay maybe I'm lying, but this guy is prolific, not quite ryan adams type prolific, but definitely on a roll. who's fringe is the coolest? that's right sufian, mine.

16. parts & labour, a great divide [stay afraid]
noise, glorious noise from my fave rekurd label of the momet, jagjauwar - home of okkervil river, skygreen leopards, black mountain, mmm mmm!

17. mogwai, travel is dangerous [mr. beast]
from the hotly touted and highly anticipated mr beast... and I believe it to be a sensational album, yes I do. More volume certainly, but perhaps most importantly, more momentum and purpose...

18. the big sleep, brown beauty [son of the tiger]
nice big geetars yes...

19. the drones, baby2 [wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by]
real rawk. no mucking about here me lad. talking man type, primal, drink fueled, distorted messy bloos rawk. stuff to scare your kids with. stuff to scare the kid with. stuff to play at full volume in an american car on a full tank of ultra high premium jet fuel. dig? the drones

20. kings of leon, spiral staircase [youth & young manhood]
aw yeah. one of the best of the throwbacks, and another big day out essential.

21. bonnie prince billy, death to everyone (live) [summer in the southeast]
a rocked up, full band billy on this LP, and touring NZ - CHCH on 11 Feb! Praise the Lowered!

22. wrens, 13 grand [the meadowlands]
a classic but probably underheard album... it's aging very well. should you love the decemberists etc then you need to check it out...

23. tim rogers & the temperance union, paperboy [dirty ron/ ghost songs]
you am i/ timmy rogersFrom my album of 2005, from my personal favourite artist of all time, my hero and all round genius, tim rogers. so real you can taste it, live it, music like this is a rare commodity these days.

24. wolf parade, you are a runner and i am my father's son [apologies to queen mary]
blame kanada.

ladeez and gentlemein, fanks and good nuit.

timmy dodgers, esq (XIII)

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