Tuesday, January 24, 2006

don't call me whitney, bobby - playlizt, 24/1/06


1. the drones - you don't really care (wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float past)
2. afghan whigs - blame, etc (black love)

a lie, a truth,which one will I use?

3. sleater kinney, what's mine is yours (the woods)
4. dinosaur jr, let it ride (bug)

sit down honey, take yr time
rest your head on this heart of mine

5. minus 5, cigarettes, coffee, and booze (the gun album)
6. isobel campbell and mark lanegan, black mountain (ballad of broken sea)

all you need is cigarettes, coffee, and booze
true i true i true i

7. sparrow house, when i am gone (old college injuries)
8. elliott smith, new disaster (the basement sessions bootlegs - difficult to find but worth the effort)

the bedroom recordings section. ahh, the hushed intimacy of demos makesthe wings on the back of my neck stand up. elliott left us far too soon...

limbs frozen in place like some fake plastic smile w/ too much teeth.

9. the lilys, black carpet magic (evrything wrong is imaginary)
10. why, gemini (birthday song) (elephant eyelash)

i ask for a verb and you give me a noun.

11. destroyer, 3000 flowers (rubies)
12. the beatles (who?),happiness is a war gun (just ask george bush) (white album)

i need a fix cause i'm going down
down to the place that i left uptown

mother superior george's a gun

13. apples in stereo, ruby (herwallpaper reverie)
14. jenny lewis, rise up with fists (rabbit fur coat)

there but for the grace of g*d go i.

15. pretty girls make graves, the nocturnal house (elan vital)
16. jeff buckley, grace (grace)

and the rain is falling
and i believe my time has come
wait in the fire.

17. the smiths, cemetry gates (the queen is dead)
18. okkervil river, black (black sheep boy)

and i tell you like before
you should wreck his life the way thathe wrecked yours...
you are no part of his life anymore

19. beck, lord only knows (odelay)
20. ryan adams, the hardest part (jacksonville city nights)

1, 2, 3, my winona!

the hardest part is loving somebody who cares for you...

21. wilco, shot in the arm [live] (kicking television)
22. grandaddy, am 180 (under the western freeway)

the ashtray says
you were up all night...
you've changed

what you wanted
isn't what you want to be

23. bonnie prince billy, i see a darkness (i see a darkness)
24. boris, electric (pink)

thank you and goodnight.

shea and timmy dodgers.

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