Wednesday, June 01, 2005

slow hands

there's always a dilemma when international bands come to new zealand. i mean, is it really worth all that money just to see a band? most of the time, it's probably good to just shut up and go - especially at the rate bands actually come to nz. flying/driving to auckland or wellington is inevitable. no bands ever come to christchurch.

the one time i've been in a city where an international was playing was in wellington a couple of months ago. but to my desmay, moving units cancelled the show due to poor ticket sales. but anyway, the main point of this post is to say wow! interpol are coming to wellington [edit: and auckland, too - playing the st james on the 2nd of august]. so i'm faced with waying up the finances, pros cons etc that are involved with the news of such a tour. they play the student union building (or some place like that) on august the 3rd.

so naturally, no chch dates. but at least the phoenix foundation are playing;

THU 16 June: O' Flaherty's, Napier
FRI 17 June: The Classic, Auckland
SAT 18 June: The Classic, Auckland
FRI 24 June: Indigo Bar, Wellington
WED 13 July:­ Refuel, Dunedin
THU 14 July: Subculture, Queenstown
FRI 15 July: Shooters Bar, Wanaka
SAT 16 July: The Jet Set Lounge, Christchurch

woah! and they're even playing with the finn brothers on the 29th of july at the town hall.


Adele said...

Aw, c'mon, Interpol aren't just playing Wellington...They're playing Auckland, too!

richard said...

ah, thanks for the heads up, adele. when and where are they playing auckland? did you find out from bFM? anyway, who cares - i just wanna know if they're coming to christchurch or not :P

how's yr show going up in auckland? can i put a link up to yr site or anything like that?

Adele said...

They're stopping by August 2nd at the lovely Saint James Theatre...ooh, and Whirlwind Heat are playing ye olde King's Arms on June 29th (although they, too, are neglecting to go south)

Show goes good, I actually get a full night's sleep this thursday! although it is because I have an exam on Friday. rats.

my page looks something like this:,1527, , a link would be lovely :)

richard said...

cool, i've put a link up at the side.

you should tell yr international listeners to listen to guitar media via the net :D

Adele said...

Ooh, I don't believe I've ever been linked before...

And I will most certainly tell my international listeners to hop on the guitar media bandwagon. There will be plugs. And they will be shameless.