Wednesday, June 08, 2005

sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is

if you loved the arcade fire's debut album funeral as much as i did (and still do) then you'll be excited at news of a download of their brand new song. it's called "cold wind" and was recorded for the second six feet under soundtrack.

now, just as i'm writing this post and trying to find the link to the download to post, emi has apparently told popdrivel to take the mp3 down. sorry to get yr hopes up - it renders this post almost totally useless.

however, if you've got soulseek (the music downloads programme), then you can find it on there by searching "arcade fire cold wind". or something. my username is watchmejumpstart. browse my files and you should find it. it's a very good song, and would sound right at place on the relatively morbid six feet under.

still working on getting some webspace so i could post things like this up. interpol have contributed a song to the soundtrack, too. i'm working on finding that before emi catch wind of it ;)

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