Monday, June 20, 2005

feet are for dancing, not for staring at.

drum & bass is shit. and the fact that it (and house) are the only genres offered in christchurch clubs (perhaps a tentatively sweeping statement, but the exageration is warranted in our fair city's musical scene, or lack of ) doesn't make christchurch's shitty winters any easier to get through. but now, indie kids have reason to rejoice. myself and two other rdu djs (benet [mixtape sessions] and missy g [girl school]) have organised a night of the more danceable side of indie music at capitol bar on july the 15th.

artists that in my set will include: out hud, the rapture, lcd soundsystem (plus other dfa tracks), !!!, mu, the human league, the soft pink truth, death from above 1979, the cure, blondie, talking heads, joy division, devo, new order, felix da housecat, the go! team, vitalic, arthur russell, ellen alien, junior boys, etc.

other genres over the night will include: indie pop & rock, electro, riot grrrrl, 80s pop, post-punk, dance-punk, pop. the overall idea though, is that anything is allowed, as long as it's good.

anyone as sick christchurch's lack-of-music scene as myself (not to mention everyone i know) should definitly come along. look out for more details on rdu and around town. feedback and ideas are welcome using the comments feature on this blog. it should be pretty fun, and if it all goes well it should become a monthly thing. we're hoping to get other bands and djs down here to play as well in the future.

mixtape connection - july 15 - capitol bar - 10pm onwards. free entry w/ free mixtape for rdunited members.


Ed Muzik said...

Boh! I'd like to offer my services as a pretentious Indie DJ. Not only do I have an iBook / iPod full of the shit, I also own a bunch of those artists on vinyl, which I've been playing at various locations around Dunedin for the past year. I'm moving to Chch this week, so would be glad to help. I'll be bringing all my records, from Talking Heads, New Order and Kraftwerk to !!!, The Greenskeepers and the Fanatics.

Oh, and I might also add that I have an original pressing of Joy Division's 'Transmission'...

richard said...

wow - that sounds really cool. yes, pretention is the key, heh. no but if you are keen to get involved then we are looking for other superstar djs. i was looking at yr website and it seems to suit the ideas we have of the night nicely.

drop me an email when you get to chch. we're probably set as far as the first night goes, and of course i'll have to ask benet and missy g, but yeah it sounds cool.

thanks for showing an interest. do you do these sorts of nights down in dunedin?

Shea said...

Awww sounds so cool Richard.

I'm assuming it will be R18, so would you be able to keep one of the mixtapes for me? I am in RDUnited, so it would be really cool!

Thanks :)