Sunday, June 19, 2005

feed me to the forest

time for a totally unsubstantiated rumour. i heard that maybe perhaps sub pop records are planning a 3 band tour of new zealand early next year. these possible bands are the shins, sleater-kinney and kinski. all of which are obviously very good, and particulary exciting as they'll actually be playing in christchurch, should this tour actually end up happening. i remain hopeful, though. last year i heard a rumour about the shins touring to new zealand about 6-7 months before it was announced. sure, i was sceptical at the time, and friends who i told were even moreso. but the fabled shins actually came to christchurch many months later. it's with this logic that the aforementioned sub pop acts should technically come to christchurch. here's hoping...

more gig news, although this time actually confirmed. just read this on cheese on toast:

Blood Brothers from Seattle will be playing Kings Arms July 19th.

this is pretty exciting, especially if you live in auckland. they've got three or four fantastic albums (the most notable being 2003's burn, piano island, burn! and last year's crimes). i guess it's not too late for them to announce christchurch it?

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