Monday, May 23, 2005

they say write what you know but what do i know about right?

hey all. these days really blow my mind. the fog is eerie and i'm pretty sure that i hate winter about as much as i'm sure that winter hasn't really started yet.

i don;t have much to report on new musick as most of it doesn't really spin any wheels at the moment but i have to say if you were going to do the blind patriotism thing for nz music month then you should buy the phoenix foundation's new album. it is truly a work of startling beauty and accomplishment and a good example of the fact that we really shouldn't care about whether a band is from this country or not... in my opinion nearly all nz music is a waste of time. but then again, most international music is a waste of time. if you are after entertainment and advert soundtracks then, hey, you'll disagree - but if you can tell me what the difference is between bic runga and michelle branch i'd be keen on hearing it. talent is non-national specific methinks... and the phoenix foundation have it in oodles. if it is nz in any way it is in the same way we call sigur ros icelandic - there is a sense of completeness in isolation in what they do. i guess what i am trying to say is when you listen to the music it sounds like it was recorded in a bubble where we are lucky enough to hear a musical imagination so complete the album works as a whole to the point where it is almost transcendant. melody and atmosheric textures meld to form another world... definitely a long term keeper just like their debut.

ho hum. me and my rants... but since you read through that i've got a little something about the DL on the QT for my people...

i have found what promises to be one of the great music sites of this or any other year. as their name implies archive live music, all approved by the artist in mp3 and other formats for non commercial file sharing. it is truly about the music for music fans... i have already grabbed about 5 ryan adams shows, and it contains my morning jacket, mogwai, godspeed, explosions in the sky, robert randolph and more....

could it be any better?

you know you have to check it out and get that bandwith stretching!

that is the link to the mp3 formats, and don;t say we at guitar media never give you anything. we work hard for our downloads so you better treat us right....

love you all

timmy d

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