Wednesday, May 11, 2005

live for one night only, mr please please please

i wont even start on the whole bloc party thing. probably one of the reasons guitarmedia works is in the dynamic between my cynicism of almost anything recorded in the last two decades and richards youthful enthusiasm for the new... but hey, i find the whole new new wave thing midly interesting but i wonder where the desperation comes from in a land of designer labels and ipod commercials...

i was actually thinking about ipods today because i got one as a wedding present (thanks deflux... and, as you do, have been plugged into it quite a bit. as i caught a bus this morning - its always too hard to get up early enough to walk the night after the show as you just cannot go to sleep after ranting on the radio for a couple of hours - i was listening to david cross' new one. its a comedy album and he is one of the kind of comedians who still can, at times, offend me, which is kinda rare considering the thoughts that make it out of my mouth uncensored. and as i sat on the packed bus i couldnt help but start laughing as people stared at me. the whole headphone thing is a measure of isolation and exclusion by choice, like sunglasses at night, and me wonders if it will one day be a tool to keep us all docile in some orwellian dystopia... but even thoughts of armageddon cannot bring me down at the moment because im listening to live @ the apollo and gawddam james brown brings the soul like no other...

funny how we all become caricatures of ourselves as we age... just thinking about j b and the stones who announced another world tour today. now i love the stones more than the next man but i struggle to reconcile the fact that they dont need to with the fact that they constantly do. but then again what else are they going to do? hmm? rawknrawl will never die indeed.

i seem to be loving live albums at the moment. just picked up LUCINDA WILLIAMS' double album and it really really hurts to listen to. it is a fawking mindblower let me tell you. lucinda has elevated love to the level of drug dependency, its all about another hit and the comedown and the sickness and fatal desperation of needing more and more all the while knowing that more is never enough. which really is one of the lost highways that alt kountry speeds down frequently, but i never tire of the scenery along the way. check out the 7minute version of essence which is so raw a sashimi chef would put it under the grill. ho hum.

um. the whole playlist thing im trying to resolve as technology put a wee halt in things. but we should get it up over the next couple of days. will blog again soon, i want to share some of my thoughts on stand up albums - and particularly david cross - at some stage, and try and drop some reviews of whats out and about.

gawd bless the fawking lot of us

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