Wednesday, May 04, 2005

first post...

this is probably the biggest case of procrastination i've ever had. so i've got this 3000 word essay to write, as well as a couple of album reviews, so i decided to make a blog for guitar media. not sure whether it's a particulary productive thing to be doing but i do intend to update it weekly with playlists and other useful stuff. i haven't told my co-host timmy dodgers yet but i'm planning on dragging him into the updating as well. hopefully it works well - then the 3 people that listen to the show can come and post comments here about stuff as well.

by the way, rdu has a new website up. it looks real nice so go have a look.

here's the playlist from this week.

1. king loser (nz) - troubled land [troubled land 7"]
2. dinosaur jr. - little furry things [yr living all over me]
3. the the mint chicks (nz) - octagon octagon octagon (live) [octagon octagon
octagon 7"]
4. the a-frames - eva braun [black forest]
5. a.c. newman - on the table [the slow wonder]
6. mestar (nz) - distant star [self titled 10"]
7. pavement - sue me jack [slanted & enchanted - lux & redux]
8. the advantage - megaman 2, flashman [the advantage]
9. the thermals - no culture icons [self titled ep 7"]
10. les savy fav - the sweat descends [inches]
11. the liars - mr yr on fire mr [they threw us a ditch and stuck a monument
on top]
12. the rapture - the coming of spring [echoes]
13. architecture in helsinki - maybe you can owe me [in case we die]
14. sufjan stevens - casimir pulaski day [illinois]
15. the mobius band - city vs country [city vs country ep]
16. interpol - pda [turn on the bright lights]
17. the verlaines (nz) - baud to tears [10 o'clock in the afternoon ep 12"]
18. camera obscura - anti-western [biggest bluest hi-fi]
19. the lucksmiths - a hiccup in yr happiness [warmer corners]
20. okkervil river - black [black sheep boy]
21. the magik markers - i trust my guitar etc. [i trust my guitar etc.]
22. adult - hold yr breath [d.u.m.e. ep]
23. bloc party - banquet [silent alarm]
24. the kills - yr love is a deserter [no wow]
25. out hud - its for you [let us never speak of it again]
26. oneida - lavender [the wedding]
27. the national - secret meeting [alligator]
28. love as laughter - idol worship [laughter's fifth]
29. the boy least likely to - be gentle with me [the best party ever]
30. m. ward - hifi v2 [transistor radio]

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