Monday, May 16, 2005

finally the punk rockers are taking acid

so the flaming lip's experimental album zaireeka is pretty much the coolest thing ever. we had a small zaireeka listening party at my flat on saturday night. four stereos, one in each corner of my lounge, each loaded with one of the four discs in the set. the idea is that you press play on each one at the closest possible time. we were mostly pretty accurate, but even if not, it always sounded interesting. each track is typically flaming lips-esque psychadelic pop, with some of them probably fitting more into the plain experimental category. anyway, it was fun. you should all get copies of it and do it.

in other richard news, i interviewed jason from nz band opshop on friday. it was actually pretty interesting, in the end, considering it's nz music month and all. read the christchurch press this thursday for the full article on some good cds to review too: maximo park - a certain trigger (very good), the eels - blinking lights and other revelations (yet to hear), ryan adams - cold roses (tim will be jealous) and also the new phoenix foundation - pegasus, which really is excellent. definitly the best new zealand band right now i'd say.

listening to sebadoh and dinosaur jr. a lot today. seems to suit the dull overcast skies outside.

oh yeah, new guitar media ad/promo is done and can be heard on rdu, sure beats the old one that didn't really make a whole lot of sense.

one more thing - the new xiu xiu album, la foret has leaked onto the net. plenty of people on soulseek have it. i am trying to get it all in time for the show tomorow night.

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