Tuesday, February 09, 2010

guitar media playlist feb 9

1. kurt weisman. self-portrait with skull [orange]
2. king dude. my beloved ghost [demo]
3. u.s. girls. red ford radio [go grey]
4. hype williams. problem chalice pt 4 [s/t]

5. truman peyote. anotherother [friendship bracelet vol 3]
6. oneohtrix point never. nobody here [memory vague]
7. silicon oasis. untitled [s/t]
8. kurt weisman. orange [orange]

9. big troubles. wouldn't mind [bside]
10. the twerps. good advice [the twerps]
11. rhinoceros. i was pulled out to sea [before this place was a city...]
12. girls in the eighties. vacation [teenage royalty]

13. many mansions. frontier gnosis [peaced together]
14. yo la tengo. cherry chapstick [and then nothing turned itself inside out]
15. more bikini babes. took off my shoes [friendship bracelet vol 3]
16. foxy baby. backstage pass [foxy baby]

17. flashback repository. side a (excerpt) [s/t]
18. speculator. stay cool [luke perry split]
19. blues runner. side a (excerpt) [mind surfers installation]
20. mossy throats. vhs hallucination [3" cdr]

21. raw thrills. why can't i say let go [demo]
22. ch-rom. teenage cop [call me rom]