Tuesday, January 26, 2010

guitar media playlist jan 26

1. scout niblett. just do it [the calcination of scout niblett]
2. josiah wolf. the trailer and the truck [jetlag]
3. expensive looks. simon [trend trash]
4. still blue still turning. time is a place [unreleased]

5. raw thrills. you'll have it yr way [s/t]
6. trudgers. moist mouths eject [family time 12"]
7. a grave with no name. silver [mountain debris]
8. dollchimes. lapidary throats [family time 12"]

9. flight. feels so good [7"]
10. dazzle ships. paradise [s/t]
11. nerve city. red tops [7"]
12. secret circuit. white wish [idunno]

13. social junk. grief [born into it]
14. cough cool. months [beko digital single]
15. sky juice. slimescape (for james ferraro) [above the law]
16. the dreams. better dead than bryan adams [beko digital single]

17. among the bones. an altar for snakes and vermin [demo]
18. prehistoric kaleidoscope. untitled 02 [sunlight parrot shrines]
19. seams. night cycles [idkd]

20. high places. on giving up [high places vs. mankind]
21. greatest hits. check yr head [greatest hits vol. 1]
22. deep sht. mythmaker [family time 12" comp]
23. romantic states. one way is right [beko digital single]
24. raw thrills. why can't i say let go [newnew]
25. jack rose. everybody ought to pray sometime [luck in the valley]